Toledo, OH

Garden Stakes, Decor and Statuary

Yankee Doodle Flags, Kites and Fun
carries a wide selecti
on of garden stakes decor and statuary including...

The Round Top Collection

Metal Garden Stakes and Wall Decor

Springtime Greek Worm Stake Round Top Collection S8060 S8016 Happy Rubber Boots Fusia with Flowers Round Top Collection

Gnome Sweet Gnome
Adorable gnome garden statuary

Gnome Fawn Statuary 842129

Regal Art & Gift
Metal Garden Stakes

Regal Skunk Talking Critter Stake 10529 Turtle Garden Stake 10111
Regal Solar Blue Tulip Garden Stake 10558


Haw Creek Forge
Copper Garden Stakes

Haw Creek Forge Large Snail Copper Garden Stake

Sunset Vista
Garden Stakes

Froggy Solar Garden Stake MF013 Toucan Welcome Garden Stake MF098

Garden Spinners

Ladybug Bicycle Spinner 25993 24 Petal Flower Spinner 2830

Door Decor

Floral Watering Can Door Decor Just Hanging Out Dog Door Decor

Signature Sign Post
Wrought iron sign post with interchangeable signs.


Yard Expressions
Wrought iron sign post with interchangeable signs.

Snowman Yard Expression Valentines Hearts Yard Expression 3608 Live, Love, Laugh Yard Expression Sign 3620


"Wild Garden" Yard Art/Garden Stakes
Brightly colored metal garden stakes of adorable animals.

Glowing Peacock yard Art 491620


"Garden Brights" Garden Statuary
Resin Statuary of with bold colors and intricate details.


Whimsical Owl Statuary with Bumblebee

Garden Art by Carson

Metal Garden Statuary

Wisdom Owl Metal Garden Statue 57247 Frog and Mushroom Yard Art 21050

New Creative Garden Stakes
Garden Stakes

Spectrum Spinners

Metal Spinning Yard Decor

Helix Metal Spinners

Metal Spinning Yard Decor



Majesty Bells® Wind Chimes

30" Hope Resounding Majesty Bells Windchimes 37" Peaceful Melody Majesty Bells Windchimes 68" Freedom Rings Majesty Bells Windchimes


Carson Windchimes

Bird Rustic Country Porch Bell 57525 Butterfly Triple Bell Wind Chimes 57507



Maine Buoy Bells®


Regal Wind Chimes


Evergreen Embossed and Evergreen Switch Mats

Water Color Pansies Embossed Door Mat Livin' The Life Camper Switch Door Mat Insert 431199