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Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

Angel Figurines and Ornaments

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Many Jim Shore pieces to choose from including
Santas, Angels, Snowmen, Easter, Halloween, Autumn, Thanksgiving, Disney, Animals and more.






Mexican Angel 4025837 Mexican Angel 4025837
Autumn Angel Dangles 4021822
Mexican  Angel
"Let Your Spirit Dance"
Released 2011
Autumn Angel with Dangles
"Autumn Breezes Cleanse The Spirit"
Released 2010
7.25in H x 3in W x 5.5in L

The Mexican angel celebrates the traditions of
Mexican dance with her flowing dress and signature pose.
9.25" Hx5"Wx5.5"L
Little Crow on Skirt Dangles

The bounty is plenty with this Autumn angel.
Her dress features a crow, barn and basket of apples
EN4025837 EN4021822
SALE:  $21.67
SALE:  $44.76



Gardening Angel with Basket 4033803 Pencil Angel 4027776 Mother's Angel 4026592
Gardening Angel
With Basket

"Love Grows Here"
Released 2013
Pencil Angel
"Hands Folded, Heart Open"
Released 2012
Mother's Angel
"Mother's Are Angels on Earth"
Released 2013

This Gardening Angel is a cornucopia of color. The quilt patterning on her skirt is a variant of a Flower Basket pattern. It typically includes flowers but here Jim has chosen an abundance of
fruits and veggies. The effect is a bounty for the eyes.

12.75in H x 3.875in W x 3.875in L

This unique pencil shape was first developed by Jim in the early 1990's. The intricate floral design on the angel's robe derives from the traditional German illustrative art form known as fraktur - a variation on Jim's signature rosemaling.

This lovely angel holding a bouquet of flowers is a wonderful gift for mothers any day of the year.

EN4033803 EN4027776 EN4026592
SALE:  $44.76
SALE:  $40.76

SALE:  $21.67



Spring Woodland Angel Jim Shore 4040547 Jim Shore Patriotic Angel 6001084
Spring Woodland Angel
"Spirit of Spring"
Released 2014
Patriotic Angel With Flag Dress
"Bless The USA"
Released 2017

Surrounded by a delightful group of
forest friends, this charming Spring Woodland
Angel features the rich color palette and incredible
attention to detail that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
9.8 in H x 6.2 in W x 6.5 in L

This Star-Spangled Beauty Angel stands tall and
proud in her red, white and blue American flag gown.
With powerful wings and her hand on her heart, she is a
colorful reminder of the country we love and the hard
won freedoms we cherish.
EN4040547 EN6001084
SALE:  $42.67
Arriving March 2018


Angel Nativity 4027718
Christmas Angel with Wreath 4027719
Mini Christmas Angel 4027768
Angel Nativity Scene
"The Night When Christ Was Born"
Released 2012
Christmas Angel with Wreath
"Prepare for Christmas Joy"
Released 2012
Mini Christmas Angel
Released 2012
9.5in H x 5.125in W x 5.25in L

This angel depicts the entire Nativity story wrapped around the Angel's dress. The Angel holds the Christmas star that seems to illuminate the entire scene.
9.5in H x 4.5in W x 7in L

This festive Angel holding a wreath depicts the Advent of joy in the Christmas season. Wreaths are a symbol of hope and renewal. The quilt pattern on the Angel's skirt is an elaborate 8 pointed star a reference to the star in the Nativity story.
3.75in H x 1.75in W x 2.25in L
EN4027718 EN4027719 EN4027768
SALE:  $44.76
SALE:  $44.76

SALE:  $11.16


Classic Garden Angel with Nest Jim Shore 4033806 Angel of Gratitude 4017640 Spring Angel with Blue Bird Jim Shore 4033821
Classic Angel
With Nest
"Bless This Nest"
Released 2012
Angel of Gratitude Spring Angel
With Blue Bird

"Rejoice in Spring Showers"
Released 2013

Honoring the orignal Heartwood Creek Collection; Jim Shores Tribute Angels are an exciting new interpretation of some of his most enduring designs. His angel with a nest of bluebirds evokes images of happiness from a simpler bygone era.
8.5"Hx3.75"Wx3.75"L 7.25"Hx3.75"Wx5"L

This Spring Angel combines symbols that evoke the magic of the season. The bluebird is nested in a profusion of flowers rendered in the signature rosemaling of Jim Shore. The quilt pattern is a variation of Spring Flowers.
EN4033806 EN4017640 EN4033821
SALE:  $30.07
SALE:  $30.77
SALE:  $25.17



4053689 Jim Shore Woodland Angel Huskey Woodland Angel with Animals Jim Shore 4041084 Jim Shore White Woodland Angel Basket 6001409
White Woodland Angel  w/Husky
"In Wind and Snow Wonder Does Grow"
Released 2016
Woodland Angel With Animals
"Peace to All"
Released 2014
White Woodland
Angel with Basket
"Gentle Are Winter's Woodlands"

Released 2018
8.5 in H x 4.625 in W x 7.25 in L

This windswept Woodland Angel watches over the wonder of nature in a peaceful scene set in a wintry night. Beautifully handcrafted in breathtaking detail; this enchanting design features the folk art style that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
9.5in H x 5.25in W x 6in L

With a host of her forest friends; this wintry Woodland Angel evokes the wonder of natures beauty in a peaceful scene depicted with the intricate styling and attention to detail that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
9.9 in H x 3.4 in W x 5 in L

This charming White Woodland Angel with Basket watches over the peaceful scene of a cozy cabin nestled in winter woods. Beautifully handcrafted in delightful detail, this enchanting design features the folk art style that is unmistakably Jim Shore
EN4053689 EN4041084 EN6001409
SALE:  $42.67
SALE:  $42.67
Arriving June 2018