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Snowman Figurines and Ornaments

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Snowman Figurines

4034372 Snowman with Owl Jim Shore
Woodland Snowman with Animals Jim Shore 4041075 Jim Shore Snowman with Flower EN4010358
Snowman with Owl
"Have a Hoot This Winter"
Released 2013
Woodland Snowman
"Warm Winter Kindness"
Released 2014
Snowman with Flower
9.5in H x 4.75in W x 4.75in L

This Snowman with his feathered friend
is a wintry delight. European and American
folk tradition hold that the Snowy Owl
is a symbol of wisdom and trust and
a bringer of happiness.
9.5" H x 4.5" W x 5.375" L

Surrounded by friends, this charming Snowman
evokes the wonder of a moonlit fantasy, with a
subtle palette of muted tones and icy blues.
Beautifully sculpted in intricate detail, this unique
wintry design is unmistakably Jim Shore.
EN4034372 EN4041075 EN4010358
SALE:  $35.67
SALE:  $42.67
SALE:  $15.37



Mini Snowman 4025629 Snowman Holding Snowball Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 4034374 4053716 Jim Shore Stacked Snowman Family
Snowman Holding Snowball
"Snowy Wonders"
Stacked Snowman Family
"A Family of Flakes"
3.75"Hx1.875Wx2.25"L 8.25in H x 3.25in W x 5.25in L

This Snowman is an updated and
re-stylized version of one of the most
popular pieces from the 10 year history
of the line. This snowball wielding fellow
features a wintry scene in a folk art style
that is unmistakably Jim Shore.
12.5 in H x 3.5 in W x 4 in L

Jim Shore's whimsical stacked Snowman Family is a totem pole of frosty characters crafted in
exquisite detail. From Dad on the bottom to the cardinal on top; this piled-on-high scene is a holiday centerpiece that will delight everyone in the family.
EN4025629 EN4034374 EN4053716
SALE:  $9.77
SALE:  $32.17
SALE:  $42.67



Nativity Snowman 4027711 Classic Snowman with Broom 4017667
Nativity Snowman
"Share the Story of Christmas"
Released 2012
Snowman with Broom
Released 2012
10.25in H x 4.5in W x 4.875in L

The Nativity Snowman combines two of the most popular images in Jim's art. Nativities are Jim's favorite theme; rendered here in celebration with a snowman a symbol of the season. Note the interlocking 8 point star pattern on the snowman.
EN4027711 EN4017667
SALE:  $42.36
SALE:  $36.76


Red and Green Snowman Jim Shore 4041076 Pint Sized Snowman with Cardinal Jim Shore Heartwood Creek 4058803 Jim Shore Snowman Couple Hugging 4058794
Red and Green Snowman
"Jolly Snowman"
Released 2014
Pint Sized Snowman With Cardinal
"Make A Melody"
Released 2017
Snowman Couple
"Hugs Make Happiness"
Released 2017
9.25in H x 4.625in W x 5.125in L

This classic Red and Green Santa with his corn cob
pipe is beautifully decorated with Jim Shores unique
combination of quilt patterns and folk art motifs.
Decked out in traditional colors of Christmas;
he is a festive centerpiece in any holiday setting.
4.75 in H x 3 in W x 4 in L 7 in H x 3.75 in W x 6.5 in L
EN4041076 EN4058803 EN4058794
SALE:  $37.07

Arriving Late June 2017


Jim Shore Woodland Snowman Holding Tree 4058748
Jim Shore Whitewood Snowman with Birdhouse 4058734
Woodland Snowman Holding Tree
"Swirling, Twirling Tidings"

Released 2017
Wonderland Snowman With Cardinal
" 'Tis The Season To Branch Out"

Released 2017
WhiteWood Snowman with Birdhouse
"Sing For Winter"

Released 2017
6 in H x 3 in W x 4.5 in L 8.2 in H x 4.2 in W x 6 in L 8.75 in H x 4.625 in W x 6.125 in L
EN4058748 EN4058745 EN4058734
Arriving Late June 2017
Arriving Late June 2017


Jim Shore White Woodland Snowman Statue 4058733
17.5" Tall White Woodland Snowman Statue
Released 2017
17.5 in H x 9.5 in W x 12 in L
This show-stopping White Woodland Snowman Statue represents incredible value for the price.
At almost 18” tall he is an impressive holiday centerpiece crafted with the artistry and
meticulous attention to detail that are unmistakably Jim Shore.
Arriving Late June 2017